*I only have wonderful things to say about Sprouts! My son attended preschool there this year, and it's been an amazing experience so far. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and dedicated, and they never hesitated to spend the extra time with my son when he needed it most. I hope this school thrives more and more with each passing year, as it truly is a special place. ~Becky K. 

*Sprouts is all about education, activities, and FUN. My child wants to be there every minute of every day, all summer. (Me, too.) The staff are amazing with kids and the price is reasonable. Love Sprouts! ~Paige M. 

My child is now in 1st grade and is reading on nearly a 5th grade level. His teacher even remarked to me a few weeks ago that Sprouts must be doing something right because the Sprouts kids from her class are such excellent readers! I know for sure that it's because of how the teachers at Sprouts work with them on their homework and reading each day! I wish I could give Sprouts more than 5 stars! ~Amanda D. 

After summer camp and afterschool, I didn't think I could possibly love Sprouts any more than I already did, but I was wrong! We just had the absolute BEST birthday party there for my 5 year old. All I had to do was give these fabulous ladies a theme (and it was a weird one - a Ninjago dance party) and they ran with it. It was so much fun, and every detail was perfect! We LOVE Sprouts!! ~Amanda D. 

*My kids adored this place and are completely ready for their next visit! Thanks guys, your place is wonderful! ~Sommer T.

*Thank you both so much, the kids love going to Sprouts for Kid's Night Out! They talk about it all week! ~K. Trabert

*I can tell my boys are more confident with the extra support from you both and a great environment to unwind after school. ~W. Podger

*We just picked up our son from his first Sprouts KNO and as we were walking to the car he asked "So, when can I go back to Sprouts again?" Thank you for giving our son a night to remember!!       ~T. Johnson

*My kids love the Kid's Night Out. We live 40 minutes away and it is totally worth the drive!! ~C. Pribula

*The best there is!! We LOVE the Kid's Night Out as much as our kids do! Amazing staff and our kids always have a ton of fun!!! ~C. Ryker

*My children often cry when it's time to leave Sprouts. They love it there! ~J. Ayers

*My kids really like the activities, it keeps them very busy and wears them out! They really like playing outside at the last KNO. My daughter loves the dance parties! The teachers are amazing!!  ~J. Smith

*My boys love the individual attention and feeling unique. It has helped their confidence. ~Wena P. 

*So happy to tell the world that we love sprouts. My daughter has been in preschool for 2+years with them and she loves going everyday. She has learned so much and they teach her like she is their own. I tell everyone how much we love sprouts!!!! ~Barbara E. 

​*Too bad there is not the option to give 6 stars. Sprouts is awesome! My son Alden has done summer camp for two summers, participated in the tutoring program, had his birthday party there and now will be there for after school care. We drive from Kernersville for this program and it is worth it! ~Susan B. 

*Sprouts is the best place ever! Fun, educational and these girls are always here for our families! ~Barbara D. 

*Would highly recommend Sprouts! The staff is fantastic...they are very organized & friendly & great with the kids. My nephew spent the summer with the Team at Sprouts & when he comes back next summer we are going to enroll him again! ~Nicole C.

​*I have three children there this summer and they absolutely LOVE IT and so do I. The kids are not just playing all day. They have all sorts of activities and adventures for the kids to get involved in. Definitely two thumbs up! ~Vonda H. 

*Love this place as does my daughter. We have used them for summer camp and winter break. The owners are dedicated and super sweet. We highly recommend Sprouts. ~Aliyah P. 

*My daughter started preschool here at 3yo and absolutely LOVES it. It is so obvious that each and every one of the ladies working here wholeheartedly cares about all these children. They have all been nothing but helpful since day one. You guys are the real MVP's!!! Thank you for ALL of your help.~Bethany M. 

*I've used them once as a bad-weather drop in and they were wonderful! ~Kia F. 

*We LOVE Sprouts. This is my daughter’s first year at summer camp. Carolyn and Kelly made her feel welcome and loved from the very first day she arrived. Their summer camp is awesome! They keep the kids busy with fun educational activities and field trips. My daughter can’t wait to wake up and go every morning! I would highly recommend their program! ~Paula S. 

*The babies had a great time with you ladies last night...They will be back soon!! Thanks for taking such great care of them and allowing Mommy to have some ME time! You girls are awesome! :) ~Jessica W. 

*Thank you for being such a creative bunch! Carolyn and Kelly, you two made Allie's birthday the best! The all-inclusive party gets two thumbs up from us! Allie is still talking about the party! Decorations were to die for and I can't thank you enough. You guys rock!!! ~S. Tolley

*My daughter fell in love with the staff and atmosphere and was begging to go back to attend additional weeks of summer camp at Sprouts after her initial visit! We've already booked several more weeks of camp for the summer. How comforting it is to know that my daughter is happy there and the staff is so creative and inventive in keeping the children learning and active. ~Feedback from Living Social Customer