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For the past 3 years, high school students from Andrews High School in High Point have been working with our preschoolers. These students come once a week during their spring semester and create mini lessons for our children.  Their students are aspiring teachers and children care providers. They do a fantastic job keeping our children engaged in learning! 

We love that a local high school has reached out to us and is providing hands on learning for their students. We wish all Andrew's students the best of luck in their pursuits to become educators. Building a strong sense of community is very important to us and we are happy that Andrew's High School has become part of the Sprouts family! 

Our partnership with Andrews High School!

For your convenience, you may pay for preschool using the link below. 

Our "Seedlings" Program is for ages 3-5. This program focuses on the basic foundations of learning. (letters, numbers, colors, etc. )


Our "Sprouts" Program is a more rigorous program, which requires a placement test given by our teachers. It will focus on reading, writing, and math computation. 


Our highly trained teachers will determine the best placement for your child. 

We require a non-refundable $65 registration fee for our Preschool Program.

  "Seedlings" & "Sprouts" 


Our Preschool

We have designed a curriculum and environment to foster a creative, hands-on approach to learning. We are dedicated to providing a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for children ages 3-5.

  • Professionally trained and certified educators 
  • Intellectual growth, social interaction and gross & fine motor development encouraged
  • Preparation for kindergarten 
  • Child oriented centers and daily large and small group instruction in reading and math readiness skills
  • Creative arts through music/dance appreciation. 
  • Grouped by ability, assessed informally and formally throughout the year
  • Rigorous curriculum in which each child has an opportunity to grow and learn at their own pace.

We also love field trips!